Rifle & Pistol

Imperial College London (ICL)




Our aim as a club is to make shooting as accessible and fun as possible. We shoot every Wednesday afternoon at a facility in London which was built in 2013, making it one of the nicest ranges around. The Club's core indoor activities are 25m smallbore target rifle, gallery rifle and pistol, and air pistol. The range is fully wheelchair accessible so we are able to cater to disabled members. As well as the indoor shooting, we run regular trips to the National Shooting Centre at Bisley, where members can shoot fullbore target and service rifles on outdoor ranges from 100 to 1200 yards. We also run regular trips to clay grounds around London, where members can enjoy English Sporting clay pigeon shooting. A recent edition to the Club's itinerary is a trip abroad to shoot handguns. We have now run two successful tours to Jersey as guests of the Jersey Pistol Club and aim to continue this. The Club has all the necessary equipment for you to use, and we accept members of all experience levels - most people who join us have never picked up a firearm before, so come and give it a go!
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