Lacrosse (RSM)

Imperial College London (ICL)




Welcome to RSM Lacrosse!RSM Lacrosse is a casual, friendly sports club open to members of the RSM. We welcome those who have never picked up a lacrosse stick before and those who have played before university and want to continue playing for the RSM.We train regularly once a week in Hyde Park during Monday lunchtimes. We meet in the RSM foyer and walk over as a group. We also play friendly games against other teams in London, in order to give players in the club game experience.In addition to training and friendlies, we are a recent addition to Bottle Match which is the RSM's annual varsity against Cambourne School of Mines (CSM). If you're looking for a sport to play in Bottle Match, then RSM Lacrosse is a great club to join as most of our members only started playing at university. Any player, RSM or not, is welcome to play for the team at our friendlies, come to our training sessions, and be a part of our Bottle Match team.