Welsh Society

University College London (UCL)




UCL Welsh Society provides an environment for Welsh people, Welsh speakers, and people who have an interest in learning about Wales and/or the Welsh language/culture to come together.We are committed to promoting education about Wales through Welsh language lessons, guest speakers events, celebrations of Welsh holidays like Saint David’s Day, and so much more! We have social events and opportunities for members to connect - this includes opportunities for those looking to converse in Welsh.  Some of the events we ran 2019/2020:- UCL Welsh Society Bloomsbury Theatre Cultural Show (including weekly dance, music, poetry, etc rehearsals for the show)- St. David's Day Sunday Lunch-Biweekly Welsh Language Lessons (at Beginner, Intermediate, and Conversational levels)- Welsh Sports Watch Parties (Usually with LSE and Imperial Welsh Societies to watch the Six Nations)- Movies Nights: Huw Edward's Documentary about the History of Wales (watched with UCL Medieval Society), The Movie "Pride" (with the LGBTQ+ Network in support of LGBTQ+ History Month)-Gavin and Stacey Binge Watch Party and Pub Crawl (With LSE and Imperial Welsh Societies)- Welcome back to Uni Party/Social-Welsh Trivia Night ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN!!