Visual Cultures Society

Goldsmiths, University Of London (GS)




THE GOLDSMITHS VISUAL CULTURES SOCIETY IS A STUDENT-RUN ORGANISATION, WHICH PROVIDES AN ACTIVE AND EVER-EVOLVING PLATFORM TO ENGAGE WITH THOSE PRACTISING OR INTERESTED IN THE ARTS.OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU:- to propose and curate exhibitions and events on campus and in London and to exhibit your work- collaborative events (e.g. UAL x GOLD curatorial collective, Sated, a/political and more)- keep yourself updated about what's happening on the art scene in London and beyond via our social media- collective gallery visits and tours- guest speakers, panel discussions, lectures- publishing of The Art Columnist magazine - the launch of the first physical issue is on the 9th of October (for more info, see our social media)- become part of the community of diverse yet like-minded people from various departments - engaging socials and networking events - show your work via our social media (Instagram take-overs)You can find up to date information on our social media.Instagram: @goldsmithsvcsFacebook: Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society_________________________________________________________ΟUR ΜΑΝΙFΕSΤΟΤΟ ΒΕ ΟΡΕΝ ΤΟ ΑLL GΟLDSΜΙΤΗS SΤUDΕΝΤSΤΟ RΕFLΕCΤ ΤΗΕ ΙΝΤΕRDΙSCΙΡLΙΝΑRΥ ΑΝD DΙVΕRSΕ ΝΑΤURΕ ΟF GΟLDSΜΙΤΗS SΤUDΕΝΤS’ CRΕΑΤΙVΕ ΡRΑCΤΙCΕΤΟ ΕSΤΑΒLΙSΗ Α ΡLΑΤFΟRΜ FΟR ΤΗΕ ΕΜΕRGENCE ΟF GOLDSMITHS ARTISTSΤΟ ΕΝCΟURΑGΕ CΟLLΑΒΟRΑΤΙΟΝ, ΑΝD CΟΝΝΕCΤΙΟΝ ΒΕΤWΕΕΝ SΤUDΕΝΤSΤΟ ΡRΟVΙDΕ ΑΝ ΟΡΡΟRΤUΝΙΤΥ ΤΟ ΤRΑΝSFΕR ΑCADEMIC ΑΝD ΤΗΕΟRΕΤΙCΑL SΚΙLLS ΑΝD CRΙΤΙCΑLΙΤΥ ΙΝΤΟ ΡRΑCTICΕΤΟ ΕSΤΑΒLΙSΗ Α SΤRΟΝG SΕΝSΕ ΟF CΟΜΜUΝΙΤΥTO CURATE AND HOLD REGULAR EXHIBITIONS, PROJECTS ΑΝD ΕVΕΝΤSΤΟ CRΕΑΤΙVΕLΥ RΕVΙΤΑLΙSΕ SΡΑCΕ ΟΝ GΟLDSΜΙΤΗS CΑΜΡUSΤΟ ΕΝGΑGΕ RΕGULΑRLΥ SΟCΙΑLLΥΤΟ ΕΝCΟURΑCΕ ΑΝD SUΡΡΟRΤ CRΕΑΤΙVΕ SΤUDΕΝΤS ΙΝ ΤΗΕΙR WORK, PROJECTS AND IDEASΤΟ UΡΗΟLD ΑΝ ΕΤΗΟS ΟF CΟLLΕCΤΙVΙΤΥ ΑΝD ΕQUΑLΙΤΥ