The Rock Foundation

Brunel University London




The Rock Foundation The Rock Foundation (TRF) is a small Christian Society on Brunel campus which aims to provide an environment where people can learn about Jesus Christ and grow in their Christian Faith. Every week, TRF members meet to discuss our Faith in the 21st century, from a BIblical perspective. TRF varies anywhere between from 8 to 25 people every week. The atmosphere of the meetings is laid back; allowing people to feel relaxed and get to know other members of the fellowship. As a result, we build strong authentic friendships. You don’t have to be a Christian to attend the sessions - we often have quite a few Brunel students that visit during the year. The purpose of our fellowship is to help other people express their Faith and know Jesus Christ personally. We provide an environment where people can learn from each other, be themselves and develop good friendships. We hang out outside TRF session and have regular socials, e.g: Pizza & games nights, Christmas socials and Valentine's specials. We have fundraised money for ‘RAG’. We try to encourage individuals to contribute and get involved with activities that happen on campus i.e. RAG or campus elections.Y ou can also find TRF Brunel on Instagram: @trfbrunel.