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Celebrating the Great British Tradition of tea drinking, TeaSoc is committed to increasing students' pleasure of the World's favourite drink. We're committed to promoting tea and making sure you can enjoy every one of the delicious blends from near and far. So why not join us for a relaxing TeaSoc tea break? We provide regular times and places for students to take time out from their busy schedules to take tea breaks together, and also host large scale tea tasting events and talks from big names in the tea industry. This year we'll be continuing our tea trips out, look forward to afternoon tea at cosy tea house, visits to the numerous tea shops around London, or even tea at a posh London hotel. Our weekly tea events will include unlimited tea and delicious snacks for a small fee. Don't forget to bring your friends! Tea is a drink best consumed with friends and laughter. So whether you're a tea fanatic or have only ever drunk Tetley, why not take a break and join us for a cuppa? Come find us at Freshers' Fair for free tea! Feel free to ask one of our TEAm if you want more information.
Food & Beverage