Tamil Society

Brunel University London




Tamil Tamil Society is here to help raise awareness and raise money for charities. We have exciting things lined up for this year. We would love for everyone to join to help make the Tamil community better. We are Tamil Society, our aims for this year is to raise awareness for the Tamil community as well as raising money for charities. We will do this by organising more events during the year in which will help to raise money for charities as well as students enjoying themselves. Do more socials to raise awareness and be able to meet on another and get to know each other better. Be able to promote Tamil society for it to be well known and help the younger/upcoming students to be more aware of the things that are happening in the Tamil Society, things thats need to be done to help the society and gain more understanding/knowledge about the culture. We hold a variety of events from clubbing nights to days out, activities, sports, fundraising and so on. Anyone is welcome to join!! We would love to see new and old faces join and get involved in helping the Tamil people. Our previous event was called Tasmac which turned out better than expected, it was a good chance for everyone to have fun. We will be looking to do more this year so don't miss out and JOIN. See you all soon!