Students for Sensible Drug Policy Society

University College London (UCL)




Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is the largest global youth-led network dedicated to ending the War on Drugs. We bring young people of all political and ideological orientations together to have honest conversations about drugs and drug policy. We promote youth civic engagement as a critical tool in reform. At UCL, the SSDP society is committed to spreading harm reduction, advocating for safer drug policies on campus, as well as raising awareness on global issues around the current War on Drugs. We deliver harm reduction workshops, advocacy training, speaker events with civil society experts, as well as campaigning opportunities.If you want to learn more about drug policies, enhance your skills in the civil society field, gain access to unique advocacy opportunities, as well as become part of a growing international group of close-knit friends and activists, sign up to become a member.
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