KCL Storytelling Society

King's College London (KCL)

About KCL Storytelling Society
The art of storytelling is a part of all aspects of our lives and is used in many forms and fields. Storytelling is not simply limited to telling a story, but we also believe it extends to politics, economics, science, as well as professional careers like medicine and law. We want to engage with the emotions storytelling instils in a person. We shall focus on the many modern forms where storytelling is used such as K-pop, anime, movies, etc as well as the traditional forms of painting, classical music, and literature. We want people to be more aware of the art of storytelling, its modern usage across various industries and fields and give them the tools to understand it better and thus also understand themselves.   We shall explore the world with this perspective, and learning how to use storytelling as a skill and would enable them to adapt and present themselves better in a competitive environment.