Sri Lankan Society

King's College London (KCL)




Get the mutton rolls and arrack bottles at the ready, because KCL Sri Lankan Society is BACK!!! Everyone is welcome at our society and it's a place where you can socialise and have a break from uni work. Our aim is to create an integrated, harmonious environment where diveristy is celebrated and Lankans and those interested in Sri Lankan culture can meet, interact and promote the rich culture and proud heritage of our island nation. Even though COVID has changed what we would normally do, we'll still provide you with plenty of socialising opportunities throughout the year, and we’ve got a number of fantastic events lined up so you can get to know other members of our society. We'll be announcing these on our socials so keep an eye out! We’ll also host joint activities with other Sri Lankan Societies and we’re sure there’ll be something for everyone. We hope to leave a legacy of unity and interaction between every single member of the society, regardless of ethnicity, race or religion, and firmly believe that we are much stronger if we are not divided. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get notified about up coming events and get in touch if you have any questions! Events/ActivitiesBuddy Scheme - Get connected to other members of the society and get to know them better! Facebook group - Let us know about any questions or ideas you have and if you want to tell us about an event you're a part of, then this is the place to do so! We'll also share details of other Sri Lankan soc events by other unis on there as well.