Spanish and Latin American Society

University College London (UCL)




The UCL Spanish and Latin American Society is a society where people from all over the world can meet and share experiences and passion for the Spanish and Latin life, culture, food and language! During these tough times, it is even more important to stay connected, so we will continue to make the most out of our resources to offer the best opportunities where possible.Spanish Language classes of¬†all levels are offered to members for FREE!Access to a 50% discount code for the purchase of any La Fiesta Gabeto London ticket! London's most exciting reggaeton night in the past two years.Upcoming collaborations with many other UCL Societies such as UCL Portuguese Speaking¬†Society, UCL Italian Society,¬†UCL Salsa Society, UCL Francophone Society, and many more.Future Padel tournaments.Future Mus¬†tournament (card game).Future international football tournaments. Perfect opportunity to have fun whilst doing some¬†exercise, meet¬†many¬†different teams and people and win great potential prizes!Prospective excursions to events, such as London's very own¬†Latin American Film Festival, PINTA London, National Samba Day, and many more.Socials will be regular, where we go and see the Spanish and¬†Latin side to life in London!Seminars by leading Latin American and Spanish researchers and public figures in the U.K.Bi-termly Spanish Film and Karaoke nights will be held on an ad hoc basis.¬†This year we will have 3 kind of memberships: the Remote Membership, the Social Membership¬†(¬£3) and the Social Membership with lessons for those who want to take part in the Spanish Classes. The latter consists of a one-off ¬£8 payment where members will be able to learn once a week¬† with experienced native speakers both the First and the Second Term of the academic year. The different level classes range from beginner, to intermediate and conversational. Just like last year, and right after the Welcoming Week, we will first divide the students in different levels to start off the following weeks. Remember that we are flexible and if you feel like switching because it‚Äôs too simple or too advanced, there will be no problem for you to do so.Please do not hesitate to drop a committee member a message, either on Facebook, Instagram or directly to the society's e-mail: [email¬†protected].We hope you join us, and we thoroughly look forward to seeing you in the forthcoming academic term!Love from the Committee:¬†Antonio Merino Ramon (President), Raquel √Ālvarez (Vice President),¬†Maria Moliner¬†(Treasurer),¬†Elena Ruano (General Secretary),¬†Maria Ulloa (Social Secretary),¬†Cristina Velasco (Social Secretary),¬†Genoveva Rosillo (Welfare Officer),¬†Natalia Gonzalez (International Affairs Officer),¬†Ashani Serra (Public Relations Officer), Maria Sebares (Event Manager), Rodrigo Anton (Cultural Affairs Officer), Naya Johannesen (Publicity Officer).UCL¬†Spanish and Latin American¬†Society have signed the¬†Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.