Sikh Society

Brunel University London




Sikh Brunel Sikh Society helps brighten your boring day with fun and new activities. Equality and respect for all, spreading love than hate. Unmissable action packed and community events organised. Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh! We are Brunel Sikhs - we do awesome events such as langar day, where we share a meal with all university students and also help feed the homeless. We will be aiming to teach keertan, gatka and even punjabi. You will get to experience fun outdoors aswell as indoors. We will organise talks to help you gain more insight into Sikhi. Everyone is welcome regardless of their faith, ethnicity , language or any other barrier. Trying to learn and live the teachings of the 11 Sikh Guru's. There's more to us than what meets the eye, and don't forget we listen to you, so follow us on our social media and send us your ideas.