Greenwich Sikh Society

University Of Greenwich




The literal meaning of 'Sikh' is student as we are all students here regardless of our race, religion or our beliefs.The society is open to everyone as Sikhi (Sikhism) teaches that there is one God which resides in all beings and creatures. As Sikhs, we believe that God does not judge upon caste, creed, religion, race, gender or sexual orientation and we believe that everyone is equal.Our society will deal with Sikh teaching, humanitarian work, remembering God and treating others with equality. Our main aim is to raise awareness of Sikhi, but we also aim to unite students from different backgrounds and have fun. We have planned several activities during the year; community work (e.g. food service for the homeless/charity), informational sessions about several aspects of Sikhi for which we will invite guest speakers and social events.We are opening a society store where you can purchase our hoodies (for more information please contact us) Come aboard and join our society!