Sign Language Society

University College London (UCL)

About Sign Language Society
If you are even just a little bit curious about Sign Language, we're the Society for you!** Remote Membership ONLY needed for All Events **We offer lessons on campus with fully qualified teachers and giving you the opportunity to gain an official qualification in BSL.Join our Whatsapp Group chat for Members, so you don't miss out this year! Please message us for the link We also run informal, student-led lessons (free for members) where you can learn and practice basic BSL. You can also meet others and make friends in the Society while we explore this fascinating language together.Learning BSL is fun, useful and gives access to a whole new community and culture you may otherwise not be able to communicate with. Understanding BSL is a valuable skill to have in the workplace when interacting with others, allowing you to stand out in a competitive job marketplace.Alongside lessons, we also organise brilliant socials and lectures bringing you the latest insights from research into Sign Language and being d/Deaf.So join up, get involved and stand out!Sign up to our mailing list.