Shaolin Kung Fu Club

University College London (UCL)




Welcome to the UCL Shaolin Kung Fu Society!Come along to our free classes to study traditional Shaolin Kung Fu under the guiding hand of Master Anthony Leslie, former British Champion in Sanshou!We are open to beginners as well as more experienced martial artists and stand as UCL's most popular martial art club!Instructors and Affiliation Our instructor comes from the Shaolin Temple UK, an official embassy of the 1500 year old Shaolin Temple in China. Shaolin Kung Fu includes the study of various kicks, punches, throws, sweeps and other martial techniques, but also includes meditation and Qi Gong alongside strength, stamina and flexibility training. Sanshou and sparring are also essential parts of our classes and help to add application to knowledge. Kung fu strengthens the mind as well as the body and we work together as a team to ensure that each member progresses.  Our instructor, Master Anthony Leslie, is currently one of the teachers at the Shaolin temple UK, where he studied under Shaolin monk Shifu Shi Yanzi. He has led the club's main Wednesday class for many years and has gained the reputation to be able to whip anyone into shape, strengthen anyone's mind and have the skill set and temperament to coach both complete beginners to fairly advanced martial artists! The Club and Social SideOur club is currently run by a new and very keen team who have lots in store for this coming year! President Merly Maria Jomy and Treasurer Hong Chiminh Nguyen, alongside Vivien Grothe our VP, and Kata Kepes, our Welfare Officer.This year, our socials will be mix of in-person and online events, ranging from Netflix watch-a-longs of Kung Fu movies, wacky quiz nights, and potentially some training sessions with the Shaolin Temple UK.ClassesWe usually train in the Bloomsbury Fitness Centre, located on the third floor of the Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street on the UCL campus. This year, we will be recording classes and introducing meditation sessions for members to access from all over the world.Wednesday: Training with Master Anthony Leslie         Session 1- 8:10 pm -9:05 pm, Mandela Studio, Bloomsbury Fitness         Session 2: 9:25 pm- 10:20 pm,  Mandela Studio, Bloomsbury FitnessFriday: Student-led Training        5:40 pm-6:35 pm, Mandela Studio, Bloomsbury FitnessCome Along!Membership is cheap and classes are free thereafter! No kit required!We hope to see you all there!This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited