Sex Ed

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)




We are a a student-led Volunteering Group dedicated to empowering young people to make informed and autonomous decisions regarding sex and relationships. We do this by providing interactive and fun sex and relationships education to young people in our local communities. These sessions are delivered by student volunteers who are trained to teach about the following topics: Positive Relationships & Self-Esteem Sexually Transmitted Infections Contraception PubertyWe also aim to promote awareness about sexual health to our fellow Barts and Queen Mary students through engaging talks, exciting nights out and the distribution of information and resources that are essential to positive sexual health.We are committed to: Creating opportunities to discuss sexual matters in an open and non-judgmental environment Promoting individual self-esteem and empowerment Encouraging respect for personal beliefs and values Facilitating informed decision-making and autonomy regarding sex Ensuring that young people have the skills to access sources of confidential advicePresident: Yasmin ZolfaghariTreasurer: Kudzai SibandaSchool liaison officer: Amelia Gunarrsson
Social Impact