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About Salsa
 Join Salsa Membership Term 1 (Oct - Dec 2020)£0.00 Other Products Annual Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton£80.00 Annual Salsa, Bachata and Ballet£80.00 Annual Ballet/Contemporary£50.00 Annual Reggaeton£50.00 Annual Salsa and Bachata£70.00 Annual Reggaeton and Ballet£70.00 Termly Salsa and Bachata£50.00 Termly Reggaeton£40.00 Termly Ballet/Comtemporary£40.00 Termly Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton£65.00 Termly Salsa, Bachata and Ballet£65.00 Termly Reggaeton and Ballet£50.00 Termly All Membership£70.00 Drop in Salsa and Bachata£6.00 Drop in Reggaeton£6.00 Drop in Ballet/Contemporary£6.00 Drop in Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton£6.00 Drop in Salsa, Bachata and Ballet£6.00 Drop in Reggaeton and Ballet£6.00 Drop in for All£6.00 About Us!Goldsmiths Salsa is your opportunity to try Latin dances (salsa, bachata, reggaeton) as well as hip hop, ballet and contemporary dances.  Wether it is your first time or you’ve danced before! Salsa Club offers classes for Bachata and Salsa designed for all levels! It is a fun way to meet people and gain confidence on the dance floor.  We offer classes all throughout the year on social and competition level with professional and highly recognised teachers. Pay the year membership and the classes turn out to be for less than a £5 per class!Our memberships are ideal for beginners and improvers, offering weekly classes for Salsa ( Cali-Crossbody styles), Bachata (Sensual-Dominican styles), hip hop, contemporary and ballet classes. Welcome to all and ideal for fun relaxed classes to learn new moves and unwind from uni life. You may pay your membership either for the whole academic year straight away or per term, depending what suits you personally! there will be an open class end of September but do not be alarmed if you miss it as we will offer any newcomer a free 1st class of all styles.  Feel free to ontact us for more details.This team offers you the opportunity to perform and compete across London universities, National Universities and other venues.  Our performances so far have beeing very strong and we have come third and second places respectively in the Birmingham University competition in 2016-18. This year we are aiming for Gold!!! The posibility is given to beginners/improvers to perform during the compeittion show without actually competing.  This is a great way to get over stage frights and feel more confident for your next academic year to enter the actual competition! The entire club also hosts Salsa and Bachata night socials at clubs around London and events where we go all together to try our new moves! and if at any point you feel shy or intimidated by the environment you have the people form the club to be there for you to dance with, so no pressure to dance with new people.Keep an eye out for competition time, If you are part of the team to live a whole experience from learning tricks, lifts and choreographies, rehearsals and fun times as a team. If you are not part of the team, come support and enjoy days of workshops and classes with professional teachers for all levels and a night of party with other university students!Timetable (From October 2021): tbcJoin our Club CommitteeWe are looking for new students to join our club's leadership committee for the upcoming 2021.22 season. There will be a discount of 50% off your membership fee if you signup for a committee role before 3/09/2021! For more information please click > HERE!Sport Hardship FundStudents who are experiencing financial difficulty are welcome to apply for the Sports Hardship Fund. There is no deadline and applications will be reviewed on a 1st-come-1st served basis. To apply please click > HEREContact Us! or