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Our purpose is to recreate the skills that were uniquely positioned under the previous ‘Quantitative Society’ but reimagined with updated techniques in financial engineering and data science. The recent developments in this industry has led to many large banks offering this as an entirely new career path, only which now requires a Masters or PhD in Mathematics or Computer Science as a preference. Employees in the quantitative industry, also known as ‘Quants’, target the field of credit risk products and portfolio theory which is uniquely covered in extensive detail using mathematics. The field has had a growing reputation this year alone with the Financial Times producing an article labelled ‘Students flock to study quant finance in record numbers’ and Wharton Business School now offering a new ‘quant MBA’ program in 2020. However, students often misunderstand this route as being similar to Investment Banking. This society aims to communicate the realistic career components of the ‘rocket scientists of Wall Street’, and allow them to consider the field more seriously by making clear the educational requirements of such a path, as well as exposing them to some of the necessary skills in it.
Quantitative Trading