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**Current City, University of London students please buy STANDARD membership. Associate membership is for other university students and alumni. Thank you**** SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM TO PURCHASE MERCH ** WHO ARE WE?In no way is the Pro Bono Society a 'law-only' society; last year's members came from 15 different departments at City! Don't miss out on the best times, join a community that values each and every member, regardless of discipline. We're all about providing unrivalled opportunity and excitement! WHAT IS PRO BONODeriving from the Latin phrase "for the public good", the Oxford English Dictionary definition of ‘Pro Bono’ is “denoting work undertaken without charge, especially legal work for a client with a low income.” However, since 2016, here at City Pro Bono Society it means so much more than that. It’s not only the chance for one community to help another but also for us to empower, support and inspire the growth of our members whilst they increase their skill set in serving the community.We strive to enrich the learning experience of all our members by providing the opportunity to participate in a range of invaluable Pro Bono volunteer work which includes opportunities in assisting death-row inmates through AMICUS, aiding refugee and asylum seekers via AMNESTY, promoting Environmental Law and working on current Civil Liberties projects with Freedom Law Clinic. Aside from our dedication to provide volunteer opportunities, we also strive to create a friendly social environment where members can connect with one another and make impactful relationships, upholding the core values of our society and the meaning of ‘Pro Bono’.To learn more about PRO BONO at City CLICK HERE WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN OUR SOCIETY?As well as leading the way socially, we provide you with a host of professional opportunities, from connecting you to pro bono work within City University to volunteering in organizations externally. We host workshops, seminars, and conferences and keep you up to date with our Facebook and instagram page providing a wide range of ways to help you get involved, get experience and get employed. WHAT TO EXPECT!We're all about giving back. That includes to the community, to individuals and to you as members. We've teamed up with some big organizations and enjoy a significant budget to spend on our social and professional events. We are working hard to plan exciting social events for our members and preparing professional virtual events. Our aim is to host exciting social events and the best professional events to help you become more employable and make your legal-career that much more attainable.To see all of our planned upcoming events for the year visit our...Instagram @cityprobonoFacebook Page City Pro Bono Gazette!July 2021 Issue VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES!Volunteering with City VolunteerVolunteering with City Volunteering is about more than just "doing good"Locate: Locate skill building opportunities to help you move close towards your career goalsTrack: Track your impact and keep detailed reflective notes to enhance your CV and interviewsConnect: Connect with companies that value your skills and experience to find the career that's right for youAPPLY HERE Volunteering with Citizens AdviceVolunteering opportunities with local Citizens Advice include giving information and advice to clients, fundraising, admin, media, trusteeship and more. Our volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds and help with everything we do: fundraising, IT, administration, research and campaigning, trusteeship - and, of course, giving advice. Volunteering opportunities and role titles differ across local offices.APPLY HERE Volunteering with Toynbee HallToynbee Hall was founded on the principles of volunteering, and we have been proudly placing volunteers at the heart of our work for over 130 years. All of our frontline services rely on volunteers – we really could not provide access to support and advice services without them.APPLY HERE Volunteering with Support Through Court Our charity’s incredible service is only possible because of the time, dedication and varied experience of life that volunteers bring to bear when helping our clients. Attending court alone is daunting. Those we support are usually unable to access any formal legal help, yet need to be able to present their own case clearly and without emotion – often facing professional barristers in court. At a time of great stress, this can seem an insurmountable task. Our volunteers provide both reassurance and guidance, so that our clients have the very best chance of engaging with the courts in a dignified away.APPLY HERE Work with National Centre for Domestic ViolenceThe National Centre for Domestic Violence helps survivors of domestic abuse and violence by obtaining emergency civil injunctions for them. We provide a free, fast emergency service to those in need regardless of their financial circumstances, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.APPLY HERE Volunteering with IPSEAIndependent Provider of Special Education Advice (known as IPSEA) is a registered charity (number 327691) operating in England. IPSEA offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with all kinds of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). We also provide training on the SEND legal framework to parents and carers, professionals and other organisations.APPLY HERE Volunteering with FRUThe Free Representation Unit (FRU) is a charity that provides legal advice, case preparation and advocacy in employment, social security, and some criminal injury compensation tribunal cases. Our clients could not otherwise obtain legal support for want of personal means and public funding. To provide our service we train volunteer law students and legal professionals in the early stages of their career in the skills required to give confident and competent support for the rights of others. Our volunteers give their time for free, so whilst we try our best to cover as many cases as possible, we cannot always guarantee representation. You can find out about how to become a representative by visiting the Volunteers section of this website.  APPLY HERE  Volunteering with Just For Kids LawJust for Kids Law is a UK charity that works with and for children and young people to hold those with power to account and fight for wider reform by providing legal representation and advice, direct advocacy and support, and campaigning to ensure children and young people in the UK have their legal rights and entitlements respected and promoted, and their voices heard and valued.APPLY HEREEMAIL FOR MORE INFO:  Volunteering with ConsonantWe enable people of diverse origins to make the UK their home. Our approach involves people from the very beginning in the design of the services they use.Working along-side migrants, refugees and long-settled British communities, we ensure people have a voice in the issues that affect them. This means they can transform their communities and society to work for all who live here.APPLY HERE MEET THE 2021/2022 COMMITTEE!PRESIDENT: Sarah Sahi                        FINANCE OFFICER: Joshua ClayfieldCOMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: Nicole Batup The Pro Bono Society,"More than a society" ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________**Current City, University of London students please buy STANDARD membership. Associate membership is for other university students and alumni. Thank you**