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About Private Equity
Founded in 2019, the LSESU Private Equity Society is dedicated exclusively to the provision of education, research and insight opportunities relating to private equity. With a dedicated leadership team, we adhere to our values of quality, responsibility and outreach.  With over 300 members, PES is able to serve as the perfect channel for firms to recruit graduates of the highest calibre from one of the world’s most prestigious universities.Given our impressive network of already 1000 students, we are aiming to continuously grow within the next academic year. With an ambitious plan for events, research and other opportunities in 2020/2021, it is the perfect time to join us.  As the only society at LSE dedicated to private equity, we have a true passion for the industry that we would love to share with you.As an introduction to the Society, our intentions for the 2019/20 academic year are broadly the following: To provide a forum for developing interests in the Private Equity industry, through improving awareness of the industry, covering recent development, the history of the field and the outlook for the future. To provide a forum for education regarding the Private Equity industry, through covering the skill sets, the day to day role, the purpose and significance of the industry. To provide a forum for developing both soft and hard skills necessary to forge a career in the Private Equity industry, via workshops and training sessions. By inviting leading private equity professionals to LSE, you can gain access to member-only talks. These sessions will give you valuable insights covering how to get into the profession and what the real practitioners are currently thinking. ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF We have a research team of self-motivated students with a true passion for understanding the highly privileged domain of Private Equity investing. They extensively follow the markets and publish research articles throughout the year and a bi-annual Private Equity Journal. If you share the same enthusiasm, come join our research team and we will publish your work.A RARE OPPORTUNITYPrivate Equity Week is our flagship event and is held once in Michaelmas Term and once in Lent Term. Members of the society are selected to visit offices of a range of PE firms across London and get the rare chance to see the daily work life of PE professionals. Come join us on campus or online this September and explore more!
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