Polish Society

King's College London (KCL)



The KCL Polish Society is a platform for promoting Polish culture and socialising, as well as an excellent link between students and the Polish diaspora in the UK. You don't have to be Polish to join us! Just come along to one of our events and become part of our exciting community.¬†We are a fast-growing society, dedicated to integrating and representing Polish students at King‚Äôs. In 2019/20, we have received the¬†Silver Society¬†Award¬†by KCLSU¬†and¬†won the One World Food Festival at Strand!¬†Gossips and¬†Grzeski¬†Every two weeks, we organize meetings at The Vault, the Shed¬†and¬†other¬†venues where you can meet¬†fellow members and engage in our activities.¬†We¬†always¬†provide¬†some¬†Polish snacks¬†in case¬†you feel homesick!¬†On¬†Fat Thursday you can¬†also¬†taste traditional Polish donuts (paczki)¬†prepared¬†in¬†Polish bakeries around London.¬† Polsoc.London¬† We are part of¬†a London-wide group of Polish Societies, which gives¬†you¬†the possibility to¬†expand your network and have¬†even more fun¬†at our joint events!¬†Get ready for¬†dinners at¬†Mamuska¬†Bar at Waterloo,¬†having pints at The Understudy¬†and¬†ice skating at Somerset House.¬† What‚Äôs more, you can expect special discounts for¬†conferences organised by other¬†unis,¬†such as¬†UCL Leaders: Poland in a Global World¬†or¬†Congress of Polish Societies in the UK.¬† ¬† Culture¬† Apart from social activities, we¬†participate in various¬†Polish cultural events in London¬†thanks to our cooperation with¬†the Polish Social and Cultural Association in¬†Hammersmith.¬†You can be sure¬†to¬†find¬†something interesting, from meet ups with¬†inspiring figures to watching the Polish Oscar-nominated movie ‚ÄúCorpus Christi‚ÄĚ.¬† We are also dedicated to commemorating Polish history, by periodically posting about significant events on our social media.¬†Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@kclpolsoc), Facebook and to join our mailing list. We will¬†also¬†keep you updated with upcoming events and any other activities!¬† Cooperation¬† KCL Polish Society is open for cooperation with other KCLSU clubs and societies.¬†Recently, we have organised¬†European Bingo with KCL European Society and our boys¬†have¬†won Silver at the Euro Championships 2019¬†in football¬†against other¬†societies!¬†Also, being¬†proud of our Polish heritage,¬†over¬†25 KCLSU societies celebrated Polish Independence Day on November 11th¬†in social media¬†on our initiative.¬†¬† We can‚Äôt wait to see you at one of our events!¬† In 2020/21, we are planning to run webinars and social events online in order to¬†meet COVID-19 safety precautions.¬†We will do our best to make them just as exciting as¬†regular events!¬†When¬†restrictions¬†are lifted, we will move our activity to the real world.¬† By purchasing our¬†membership, you will gain full access to our society‚Äôs¬†activities, discounts¬†on¬†events¬†and¬†the possibility to work with us on various projects. The symbolic fee¬†allows us to develop¬†and expand¬†our offer, as all of it will be spent on organising events for you!¬† Do¬†zobaczenia!¬† x KCL¬†PolSoc¬†