Pole Fit Society

University Of Roehampton

About Pole Fit Society
Welcome to the Pole Fitness Society! Join to explore this fascinating and empowering sport while working on your moves and confidence. We are all here to have fun and cheer each other on. Come on in! Our society works under the notion that anyone can practice pole fitness. In our sessions you will be guided by a pole dancing expert who will cover areas of skill, fitness, strenght and rythm. These sessions will be an opportunity for you to tap into your potential and connect with people looking to try out a daunting sport, all while being supportive of each other. Pole fitness is a liberating sport that builds on your confidence and allows you to create frienships in a safe space. Here, no one is learning alone and we all work to help each other be the best version of ourselves. So whether you are an expert or have never given it a go in your life, come along and try it out. We are looking forward to seeing you there!