Pole & Aerial Society

Imperial College London (ICL)




Imperial's award winning Pole & Aerial society offers affordable classes in pole fitness and aerial arts. ** We are offering online classes! ** Pole is falsely perceived as a purely sensual dance. This new form of exercise combines the callisthenic strength and stamina of gymnastics with the grace and flexibility of dance. It is even practised by the likes of Kate Middleton! Aerial Hoop, Silks, Slings and more are also available at our sister location in Aerialand. We cannot stress enough that pole and aerial arts are completely unisex! Imperial Pole & Aerial proudly participates in the official University Pole Dancing Championships IUPDC, SEUPC, the London Pole varsity, and we brought winning titles from IUAHC 2019. We have a long history of awards from 2014 to today that showcase our teaching quality, including IUPDC 2018 Champions. Pole and aerials are fantastic for both newcomers and those from a dance or sports background looking to try something new. It may be easy to pick up, but like any sport, it takes years to truly perfect and there's always something new to work on. Come join us for a first timer session and see the magic of pole and aerial for yourself! For timetables and booking online classes, please purchase classes here, and book via:https://bit.ly/icpoleonline
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