Pokémon Society

University College London (UCL)




¬†Welcome to the UCL Pokemon Society!¬†Regardless of whether you've been a fan¬†since a young age or¬†casually play Pokemon Go or even if you know absolutely nothing about Pokemon, we are a friendly and cheerful community with a bunch of activities planned for everyone! Wherever you are in the world, we hope you have a wonderful time with us!Common ActivitiesSocials - Meet new people with similar interests! Play, battle and trade Pokemon!¬†Movie Nights - Members get to vote which¬†classic Pokemon movie we get to watch together!¬†This will be mainly done online via Google meets and Discord.Quiz Nights - How much do you really know about Pokemon? This is your chance to show off your Pokemon knowledge!Pokemon Go Walks - Walk around London in small groups in order to catch em¬†all!¬†(This activity is currently paused due to COVID-19 guidelines)Pokemon Battle Tournaments - Learn the basics of competitive Pokemon battles¬†and compete against other trainers for prizes!... And many more!‚ÄčTerm 1 events will be held mostly online on our Discord server where all our members hang out and talk about Pokemon whenever suits them! Make¬†sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages where we will always post about any events we plan to hold!Social Media¬†FacebookInstagram¬†@uclpokemonsocDiscordEmail:¬†[email¬†protected]