Poetry Society

Goldsmiths, University Of London (GS)




We want to provide a friendly space where anyone can write, read and discuss poems and any similar topics!Are you a 3am secret artist? Maybe you've never dabbled in writing, but you like reading poems to relax. Whatever your cup of tea, you'll fit right in.We intend to hold bi-termly meetings, where everyone can gather and have a good time: share with us, listen to others, get inspired! The new academic year will be challenging when it comes to physical meetings, but we believe this is even more of a reason to join a society! Having an extra group of people you can befriend can change your day into a better one!We are mainly active on Instagram @goldpoetrysoc, where you'll also be able to find our Whatsapp group chat. Join anytime and don't be shy! We're just as excited as you to make friends and find new poetry :D