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About Photography
Who are we? At our very core, we brand ourselves as advocates and enthusiasts of the sophisticated art of Photography! From a casual selfie to a photoshoot, I am sure that many of you have had the opportunity to take a photo in your lives. If you happen to be that person who relishes spending 20 minutes to get the “perfect shot”, if you truly enjoy leaving behind those outstanding moments in your life through the delicate art of film, if you have even the slightest curiosity in the How, Why, When and Where for the broad topic that is “Photography”, why not come and give our society a whirl during your time in LSE? :) Our activities are very straightforward: The idea is to bring together a group of remarkable people, providing them a common ground to diversify and spread their love and knowledge in Photography. Outdoor Photography Visits, Photoshoots, Exhibitions, Trips to Museums and Scenic Spots within London, and many more to come! Furthermore, as for this academic year, the committee has plans to bring awareness to the Professional Side of Photography, by reaching out to esteemed individuals and establishing a platform to aid anybody interested in this career path as well. Why us? The answer to that is, Why not? “Taking Pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second” - French Photographer Marc Riboud For just a membership fee of £1.50, you will have the opportunity to learn and gain so much more than what you paid for. There are no prerequisites or academic pressure to join us, as long as you have the passion for the art of capturing light to create an image. We thank you for visiting our page, and hope to see you for our GIAG session as well! :)