Oratory Club

London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)




This year the Oratory Union will be embracing a debating union style approach, similar to those of the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Union's. We shall be discussing and debating key topical issues facing student's and society at large. The group will source external pioneers of industry to debate and discuss alongside our student membership. Example motions, you can expect to see in the year to come: This house believes we should have confidence in her majesties government. This house would abolish private schools. This house would encourage an ever closer African Union This house would enforce mandatory lockdowns in the face of COVID-19 This house would abolish the British monarchy If you are a fan of: engaging with the most pressing issues of our time, applying academic rigour outside of the classroom, networking with international pioneers of industry, then this is the society for you. MEMBERSHIP Purchasing a membership to the LSE Oratory Union, will afford access to any and all debates and talks hosted by the Union. It will give you access to partake in or merely spectate as some of the world's leading figures collaborate with LSE students to discuss the pressing issues of our time. EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES The LSE Oratory Union aims to host debates and speakers on a bi-weekly basis. What this means for members, is that they can expect to have access to note worthy speakers and rigorous debates once every two weeks during their time at LSE. Events will range from fireside chats, all the way to formal debates. All events will be interactive and inclusive, covering a wide variety of issues and inviting a plethora of speakers across many disciplines.