Nutrition and Dietetic Society

King's College London (KCL)




Hello and welcome to the Nutrition and Dietetics Society! please DO NOT purchase hoodies yet, we will announce when they are available to buy! If you have already membership, you do not need to buy an event ticket, we will automatically send you a link.If you don't have membership and would like to attend our talks, please purchase an event ticket. Whether you're a Nutrition OR Nutrition & Dietetics student OR just fascinated by the everchanging world of nutrition we are sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy ;)This coming year, we have some very insightful talks/Q&A's from fantastic speakers lined up.... keep your eyes peeled.....Our goal for our society this year is to aim to use our platform to showcase diversity in Nutrition and Dietetics in all of its forms, including under-represented groups such as males and those from minority racial and ethnic groups. Membership If you are a KCL student, please purchase the standard membership. If you are a non-KCL student, please purchase the associate membership. Follow our social media accounts (check above^^^) to stay up to date with our latest events. A year's membership is £10 (covers cost of all events) or it's £3 per event. 
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