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Are you Northern? Do you enjoy gravy on chips, pub quizzes, not paying £8 for a pint, coat free nights out, 24 hour McDonald's, and many more northern traditions? Then join the northern society! (not just for people from the north)Joining the northern society will introduce you to like-minded, fun and interesting people. Our main aims are to make our fellow northern students and other friends feel welcome, provide a network around students to assist in all areas of academic and social life and of course to get out and have some fun!This year we are hoping to host a number of events - at least one per term - such as pub quizzes, pub crawls, karaoke nights, a discounted trip to a northern city and much more!So if this sounds good to you (which of course it does) then why not join? Membership Northern society membership costs only £2 and can be purchased on the LSESU website. Events and Activities Over the course of the year we are going to be hosting many social events such as pub quizzes, karaoke nights, pub crawls, a trip to a northern city and much more.