Mixed Martial Arts Club

University College London (UCL)




UCL Mixed Martial Arts club is UCL’s most diverse martial arts club, formed to teach you the best techniques from all of the most powerful fighting styles. Those styles include Muay Thai, Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo.Join our sessions to receive fitness training as well as fight training.  We will provide a very easy-to-learn methodology and whether you have no idea how to throw a punch or if you have already fought amateur bouts you will be engaged in training that suits you at your level. For those interested in more fitness and training you will be able to learn the techniques using a Crawl, Walk, Run method of learning where we explain the technique, then demonstrate it, then do it together. For those interested to fight and compete, we will hone your skills and put together a special team dedicated to higher-level training where you can push yourselves to your limits safely.We will also produce club socials and outings where you can relax, have fun, and get to know everyone from the club in contexts outside of the gym.Whatever your fitness or experience level, come to one of our sessions, learn how to fight, learn how to protect yourself, get fit and make new friends while you’re at it. Membership Levels:***These membership levels will POST OFFICIALLY on 19SEP2021 and no modifications will be made after without compelling justificaiton***Remote Membership (Free) - access to the group chat, online content, and online socials (if these are the main source of socials this year. (This membership does not have gym time authorised.) Fight Night (Free) - this is a mailing list that will keep people in the loop on watching MMA fights throughout the year together as a club.  (This membership does not have gym time authorised.) Basic Membership (£20) - will give you 1 x MMA class per month (included) and the remaining classes will be priced between £4 per class. This will include remote classes if there is a mandate for them as well as the demand. (This membership would not be a full membership and the members would not be able to vote as members.) Intermediate Membership (£35) would be up to 2 x MMA classes per month (included) and the remaining classes would be £3 per extra class. This will include remote classes if there is a mandate for them as well as the demand. (This membership level allows members voting rights.) Advanced Membership (£50) would be 1 x MMA class a week (included) and the remaining classes would be £2 per extra class.  This will include remote classes if there is a mandate for them as well as the demand. (This membership level allows members voting rights.) Fight Team Membership (£75) would be 2 classes a week ( included as well as the possibility to take 1 or 2 other martial arts classes a week if the other teams will respond to my inquires and we can work it that way. (This membership level allows members voting rights.) The idea would be that they can do MMA twice a week and 1 Muay Thai class as well as a Karate class; or a BJJ class and a Muay Thai class...Mix and match up to 2 classes beyond the ones that are included with MMA.  Training (Times & Locations):To Be Determined Safety: All students participating in this sport MUST HAVE the following Personal Protective Equipment:Mouth GuardAthletic Cup for Male/Female This is not negotiable for any grappling or sparring sessions. If you are going to grapple/spar it would be wise to have your own Personal Protective Equipment such as:Rash Guards (Spandex/lycra and nylon or polyester blended Shirts and Shorts)Headgear for Sparring Earguards for GrapplingMMA Gloves (--oz)Bag Gloves (--oz)Boxing Gloves (--oz)Shin GuardsRegarding ordering or purchasing Personal Protective Equipment, if you plan to do so please email me before you do as we might be able to initiate a group buy depending on how many people need or want gear.  Email: [email protected] with SUBJECT: PPE Group PurchaseIn line with UK Government regulations and Student Union guidance, attendance for these sessions may be limited. If this is necessary we will send out a sign-up sheet in advance.  Notes:For in-person attendees, each session (beyond what is included) will have a per session cost as outlined above and to be confirmed based on the budget approval in the following weeks.  These "per-session" fees will need to be purchased in advance through the Student Union website.We look forward to seeing you this year! This Club is Pride in Sport AccreditedUCL Mixed Martial Arts have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.