Imperial College London (ICL)


Mental Health


Mental illness affects a quarter of the population, yet at Imperial it's swept under the rug. IC MentalityMentality aims to change this. We will be campaigning throughout the year to raise awareness, reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and most notably help people to seek support for their problems. Suffering from mental health problems can be scary, isolating and confusing especially when you feel there is nowhere to turn. Mentality seeks to highlight and clarify key points of access within college when seeking help. We are actively working to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and we aim to educate the student body at Imperial about the importance of mental well being. Unfortunately, in 2019 the organization was re-founded with 0 members and 0 committee. So if you're looking to join this year, you can also look forward to moulding a new club, and having a large say in the activities and imporvements we want to make at Imperial.
Mental Health