Medical Law and Bioethics

London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)




The LSESU Medical Law and Bioethics Society is a student-led community for all law and non - law students who share a passion for exploring the legal, ethical and regulatory questions raised in the context of medicine and scientific innovation. The Covid - 19 pandemic has made this a time of especially great interest in medical ethics and law. Be it bioethical conflicts as to vaccine passports, confidentiality and rationing of scarce medical resources, it has become apparent that everyone has been either directly or indirectly affected by the way medical practices are regulated and implemented. Yet, the relevance of medical law and bioethics does not, and should not stop there; indeed, COVID - 19 should simply be seen as the starting point in propelling further fascination to participate in other bioethics and medical law debates. In a changing moral climate, some of the most contested and controversial issues of our time; assisted dying and abortion just to name a few, should continue to be discussed and debated. Similarly, the emergence of new technologies such as stem cell research and pre - implantation genetic testing should not only excite us, but also alarm us of any potential downsides that accompany scientific progress. Together with its members, the society aims to highlight the relevance of these intellectually stimulating debates, by hosting an array of event opportunities that delve into the very heartt, not only of what medical law is, but also of what it ought to be. MEMBERSHIP The Society has a single annual membership fee of £2. Membership ensures that you will have access to all society events. The funds provided upon payment will go towards covering costs associated with those events. Furthermore, members will be able to stand for Committee positions during election periods and connect with other students in the society. Given the fact that this is a newly - founded society, the Committee is particularly excited to welcome new members who wish to get involved in any way possible. We are looking forward to meeting you and we hope you join our community! EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES Over the course of the academic year, the range of events taking place will cover varied medical law and bioethical topics. Some of the events that this society aspires to bring to its members include: Speaker and panel roundtable discussions Article - led discussions Events and collaborations with other London universities. Careers panels with specialists in the medical law field (commercial lawyers, academics, and medical negligence and personal injury lawyers)