Middlesex University (MDX)

About MDXSU LGBTQ+ Students
The MDXSU LGBTQ+ group is open to any students who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community or as an ally. The group provides a space for meeting other people, sharing experiences and creating change on campus, and over the year we run a variety of events, parties and meetings for both members and allies. Since starting out we have built partnerships with the staff LGBTQ+ group and collaborated on several events, including a film screening of the film Pride, and marching together with MDXSU and Middlesex University at the Pride in London Parade. We have run a variety of events from karaoke, prom, movies, gaymes nights as well as tea/coffee meetings and trips to G-A-Y! To find out more please visit also have a Whatsapp groupchat for anyone that wants to join. Heres the link...   To find out what support the University offers for LGBTQ+ students click here. If you have any questions about the group then please contact us at or head to the MDXSU LGBTQ+ Students' Facebook page or to our instagram at MDX_LGBTQ, where we post all of our events.