MDXSU Disabled Students

Middlesex University (MDX)




Disabled Students Group is available for anyone who is disabled whether they be diagnosed or just discovering they have a disability. ¬†The Definition of a disability under the 2010 UK Equality Act is; ‚Äúif you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‚Äėsubstantial‚Äô and ‚Äėlong-term‚Äô negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.‚Ä̬†¬†¬†Key points¬†¬†Representation - As a committee we will work to insure all Middlesex University students with a disability are represented. Our co-presidents will each represent our two circles of disability that may intersect for some individuals. This system is put in place not to separate but to insure all voices and experiences of different disabilities are heard and valued within the group.¬†Training - training for staff to understand and provide an equitable, accessible and rewarding learning experience for Disabled students.¬† Awareness of services available to disabled students/ challenging Stigma and Descrimination¬†Accessibility - work to get in place reasonable adjustments to the university and individuals courses where reasonable adjustments are not already in place¬†Zero tolerance to discrimination - we will support students where ever necessary when taking action against members of the university be it staff or students. or with anything else that impacts members' studies.¬†¬†Disabled Students group has to exist as a term of MDXSU‚Äôs membership of the National Union of Students.¬†Core aims of the Group ¬†To improve the Universities accessibility for all disabled students¬†¬†To challenge stigma around different Disabilities¬†¬†To provide access to skills, training and opportunities for our members to learn and grow¬†To implement an anonymous complaints system to protect vulnerable Disabled students to give them the option to make a complaint without being left to feel vulnerable to further bullying and/or harassment.¬† To represent students of all disabilities on MDXSU‚Äôs Student Group Executive Committee, MDXSU‚Äôs Union council and within the general running of Disabled Students group through the Co-Presidents of Physical and Non-Physical Disabilities.¬†To ensure that Disabled facilities across the University are available and functioning at a high level to benefit the membership and the wider disabled population at Middlesex University.¬†To find out more about MDXSU Liberation Groups, please visit¬†If you have any questions about the group then please contact¬†or visit the MDXSU Disabled Students' Facebook page. You can also check out the MDXSU Disabled Students Instagram to see more events and campaigns.¬†