Mahjong Society

University College London (UCL)




Mahjong has deep roots in the past of ancient China, and it still remains as a staple in Chinese homes - often played during gatherings and also important events such as child-birth, weddings and Chinese New Year.The Mahjong Society welcomes students from all over the world to learn more about Mahjong – a tile based game that is similar to the western game “rummy”. Mahjong originated in China, back in the Qing dynasty, though it is also widely played in east Asian countries nowadays with different regional variations. We strive to broaden our participants’ horizons and to enhance culture awareness by encouraging an open discussion platform during our activities (e.g. while playing Mahjong) and introduce different Mahjong play style and rules from various regions. We offer teaching sessions: beginner to advanced level of Guangdong Mahjong and other versions depending upon availability.