London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)

About Mahjong
The Mahjong Society is one of the youngest and most vibrant societies at LSE. Our members come from a wide range of different backgrounds and degrees across the university. By hosting regular classes, playing sessions and social dinners every term, the Mahjong Society is the perfect place for mahjong players to get together and have fun! If you’re new to Mahjong and want to give it a go, just come along to one or two of our regular sessions! Our committee members would be more than happy to teach you. :) Membership We have a general membership, whereby once you pay our one-off membership fee, you are most welcome to drop by any of our mahjong sessions throughout the academic year. However, this one-off payment does not include the cost of the social dinners. As a member, you’ll also get the chance to meet tons of like-minded and incredible people from campus, who will become your friends for life! Events and Activities Throughout the academic year, we aim to host regular mahjong sessions and social dinners — we think these events provide the perfect opportunity for members to get away from those textbooks, and relax, while socialising with other amazing individuals from the society.