London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)




At LSESU Kurdish Society, we strive to proactively campaign for the social and political recognition of the Kurdish diaspora at the international level. As a stateless people of approximately 40 million worldwide, Kurds have endured a perpetual state of oppression and alienation across the Mesopotamian Region - encompassing Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.Our Society has a social cause at heart - from publicly responding to transregional developments to encouraging freedom of expression, in order to awaken the consciousness of the silenced peoples to resist against all forms of injustice. A large part of Kurdish social and political movements have taken inspiration from revolutionary struggles embodied by socialism and anti-colonialism, inspiring our approach to challenge the status quo and interrogate systemic pathologies which perpetuate adversarial conditions in the Mesopotamian region.As part of our Constitution, our Society pledges the following to its members:• Kurdish language lessons: as part of our common goal to revive the Kurdish language among young people, our Society will provide opportunities to learn the basics of Kurmanji and Sorani dialects.• Panel talks with guest speakers: to raise awareness of Kurdish and non-Kurdish social and political developments within the Middle East, our Society will host events at the LSE with scholars, journalists, politicians and regional specialists both exclusively and in collaboration with other LSESU political and cultural societies.• Critical debates: shedding light on the multidimensionality of the Kurdish movement and the wider regional situation, our Society will accommodate debates among students on controversial topics such as the Syrian civil war, Alevism in Turkey and jineology (Kurdish feminism).We welcome all LSE students to generously support the decades-long Kurdish struggle for international recognition.Long live the struggle of the peoples!Bijî berxwedanê gelan!