Korean Culture Society

University College London (UCL)




Welcome to the Student Unions' UCL Korean Culture Society!Are you a fan of K-pop, Korean Food, Language, Films and Dramas, Fashion and Beauty, or current affairs? Our society offers an exciting variety of cultural and social events, activities, promotions, media platforms and language lessons for everyone at UCL. Our mission: To share and enjoy the knowledge and understanding of the Korean people, language, food, art and culture in an inclusive and diverse environment at UCL.Our aims: To promote the Korean language and culture through weekly language classes and socials. To establish an open and welcoming environment that is inclusive to all regardless of their age, sex, nationality and race. To create long-lasting friendships and memories with people who share a similar interest in Korea.Our core activities: Weekly Korean language classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level; K-magazine 'Woorirang,' founded in 2018, written, translated, edited and designed by UCL students. The name ‘Woorirang’ consists of the words “woori (Korean word which means: us)” and “rang (with),” emphasizing the cordial meaning of “being together.” Similar to Arirang, a representative Korean folk song, Woorirang aims to promote Korean culture to the general public through journalism and media; Kpop Night and Collaborations with internal and external clubs and organisations. Our logo: Similar to the conjunction “and,” the ampersand (&) is used to connect different clauses, and most importantly, cannot be used alone. Through the repetitive use of multiple ampersands, the logo symbolizes the idea of being together. The circular, tied arrangement of the symbol reflects a head-to-head shape, reinforcing the sense of togetherness. At last but not least, the logo’s unique shape and colour resemble those of the South Korean flag. All of these features strongly manifest KCS’s identify of togetherness and interest in Korean Culture.