Kendo Club

University College London (UCL)




Kendo is a martial art originating from Japan, descended from the traditional kenjutsu (swordmanship) techniques of the samurai. It involves striking various targets on an armoured opponent with a bamboo sword, without letting them do the same to you. It's a dynamic, full-contact martial art with emphasis upon speed, skill and technique; not purely strength. This allows men and women of any age to practice together on an equal footing. The UCL Kendo Club welcomes complete beginners along with experienced practitioners. We are a social and competitive club who frequent tournaments both nationally and internationally. If bashing people with bamboo sounds like your cup of tea, then sign up and join our sessions!Details for our taster sessions will be posted in our Facebook group ( in the lead up to freshers' week.Our training sessions during the term take place on:Beginners: Wednesdays 6-7pm on our Microsoft Team serverSeniors: Fridays 6-7pm on our Microsoft Team serverYou can reach us at [email protected], or on our Facebook page linked below.You can also check out our Instagram page,@uclkendoclub, for highlights from competitions, socials and other fun stuff. This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited