KCL Social Ventures

King's College London (KCL)

About KCL Social Ventures
KCL Social Ventures can be thought as a “social start-up incubator” where we aim to create an environment that students can work on their social start-up ideas as groups, whilst getting business advice and guidance, resources and contacts provided by our mentors (successful social start-up owners) as well as the group members.  In KCL Social Ventures, each member takes an active role, working on a specific social start-up idea. A student may have a start-up idea but might be lost on where to start or may be lacking a ‘team’. Another student may want to take an active role in a student start-up to get the real-world experience and learn practical skills but may not have a specific start-up idea. We connect all students, creating this incubator-like environment in order to create sustainable solutions.
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