KCL Pokemon Society

King's College London (KCL)

About KCL Pokemon Society
KCL Pokemon society aims to build a community between students who share a passion for the Pokemon franchise and all that it encompasses including the ‘Pokemon Go’ app, main-line & online games, competitive battling, anime, movies and more!      We plan to host events including:     Pokemon Go walks on campus where we can raid, battle and trade together boosting our fitness, social activity and mental health along the way!      Regular online events via our Discord: https://discord.gg/D56XJgjevdincluding movie nights, skribbl.io, and game streaming while chatting about all things Pokemon!      Tournaments via Go Battle League and Pokemon Showdown!     Inter-University Pokemon Society (I-UPS) initiatives including a Discord server & Pixelmon server you can join now and you can take part in competitive tournaments! More to come as I-UPS develops!      Anyone can come to join in the fun and meet fellow Pokemon trainers in our efforts to catch ‘em all!