KCL Female Lead Society

King's College London (KCL)


Women Empowerment


The Female Lead is an influential educational charity with a mission to shine a spotlight on the women who shape our world to inspire people.The charity is dedicated to finding the factors that limit women’s choices and fulfillment and amplifies their voices in order to drive change and improve economic outcomes.    We have been granted the opportunity to work with them and create a King’s society!    Keeping in line with the goals of The Female Lead, we organise online events like workshops, debates, and conferences on feminism.Our committee is very broad so that it allows us to touch upon various issues related to feminism: education, intersectional feminism, finance and banking, women in the workplace, men in feminism, and mental health and disabilities.      Anyone can join & our membership is fully free :)   Hopefully, we can soon move back to physical workshops and conferences! 
Women Empowerment