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Want to try something new? Try Kabaddi… “Rugby without the ball”/ “Contact tag”. Kabaddi is an action packed contact sport originating in India. Taking turns, one player, enters the other team’s half, attempting to tag members of other team, avoid getting tackled by them and return to their own half to score points. Check out our YouTube channel to see more: www.youtube.com/ICKabaddi We have been working hard to make sure we can play safely in COVID times. This means that our trainings will be non contact for the first part of the year. We are hoping to implement a 'Tag Rugby' version soon and an eventual return to normal play as restrictions lift Pros: -Super fun sport -Almost everyone starts a beginner, you all learn together! -We have 2 men’s teams and 1 women’s team, both able to crush our opposition -Meet an amazing group of people! -Cool International Tour! We played the Polish national team in 2019! -Fun socials year-round! Cons: -None, we’re the best club at Imperial! So if you want a taste of something new, or you just want to meet a really nice bunch of people, IC Kabaddi is the club for you!
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