Japan Society

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)




  Introduction about us     Hi everyone, we are a social society for anyone interested in Japanese Culture or those who are Japanese.     Ultimately the society aims to allow members to learn about Japanese culture (Traditional and Modern) as well as meet new people, bond with them and make the university experience more enjoyable.     We intend to host events aimed at enriching members as well as entertaining you guys!     We host game nights, origami workshops and movie nights that aims to introduce you to the Japanese media, such as the local films, dramas and popular shows. We host social events that will aim to bring people that share interests in the culture together and facilitate social interactions, such as dinner night. We also announce information about careers in Japan for native Japanese. 2021-2022 Committee Members:     President: Julia Kurtz     Treasurer: Carla Sudo     Vice President: James Kim Our Next event(s):     Currently planning! Stay tuned! Previous events:     Previously, we did events such as: Icebreaker event Welcome dinner night Origami workshop Game night Movie night Maki sushi roll workshop  Cherry Blossom Viewing (Hanami Daikai ) London Japan Matsuri visiting Japan Pub Quiz Some collaboration events with other societies and some career talks for Japanese students in QMUL.     **This year, we are planning to bring more fun for all members! Not only holding the events that we used to have but more we hope!       For example: More collaboration with other related societies Karaoke event 'Pot' luck party (Yaminabe party )