Itchy Feet: Travel and Backpacking

London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)




Do you love having new experiences and exploring new places? We do too! Itchy Feet is a society that welcomes anyone - regardless of age, degree or background - who wants to make the most of their time at LSE by travelling. We do the planning, timetabling and budgeting - all you have to do is join us.In London, we're fortunate to be in close proximity to many interesting destinations, both in the city and beyond, and we feel that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it! In our 10-year history, our trips have ranged from hikes in the UK, short weekends away in romantic European cities, or across-the-world adventure holidays to India and beyond. We also plan socials in and around London for the time-strapped among you, and strive to offer outings that cater to a range of budgets and availabilities.Given the current circumstances, in 2020 we're focusing on going local. Many students live in London without ever venturing beyond WC2A. While we are looking to offer trips in Lent Term, for now we hope you join us in getting to #knowyourneighbourhood. Membership Membership gives you full access to ALL our events, socials and subsidised excursions (in London or otherwise) that we organise.Standard membership price is £1.50 (the minimum) if you join in MT, and this membership is valid for the entire year. You can still join in LT, but membership price will be subject to review, depending on how the world situation develops.Trips with additional components (e.g. plane tickets, accommodation, meals) will be additional expenses - the focus of our society is to plan trips for our community! Events and Activities Given COVID-19 health and safety considerations, we have had to revise the trips and events we offer. We will be organising socials and small-group outings in and around London so that you can get to know its different areas and lesser-known gems!Subject to review, we hope to organise trips to destinations in the UK and potentially Europe later in the academic year.