IQ (Imperial College LGBT+)

Imperial College London (ICL)




Welcome to IQ - we are Imperial's society for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning (LGBTQ+) students. IQ is welcome to all and primarily aims to provide a friendly environment where you can meet other like-minded students, be it at a quiet film night, a night out, a cultural day trip or on tour. We usually have at least one event a week (sometimes three!) and we maintain good connections with other universities and attend each other's events. In addition to these social activities, we are also here to provide a safe-space support scheme. If students feel uncomfortable or questioning with respect to their sexuality or want someone to talk to about LGBTQ+ discrimination, our Welfare Officer is here to help. They are there as a first contact point to provide information about available support and act as a gateway to existing College and Union services. We also have various committee members dedicated to specific subgroups of Imperial’s LGBTQ+ community:•Women’s Officer, to redress the balance in what can seem like a male-dominated environment•Trans and Gender Variant Officer, to support and represent all students, regardless of gender identityIf you are interested (or just curious) come along to our stall at Freshers' Fair, visit our website or email See you around!
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