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India is famously known to be an amalgamation of several different traditions and customs. ‘Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India’ (Mark Twain).The LSESU India Society, being one of the largest and most active cultural societies on campus, aims to provide you with a taste of the different flavours of this great country. The society has something for everyone - whether you’re an Indian who wants to find a home away from home or you’re someone who wants to experience, understand and embrace a culture that you have no prior knowledge of.In order to truly represent the vast culture and customs in India, we ensure that our members get to experience a multitude of events. From our famous Bollywood nights (Diwali Dhamaka and Bollywood Crush), to the much respected LSESU India Forum (LIF) conference, the society definitely has something that will grab your attention.LIF is the UK’s largest student-led India centric conference where students get to interact with eminent personalities from various professions. We have previously hosted speakers such as Karan Johar, Sunil Gavaskar and Jyotiraditya Scindia. It is often thought that the beauty of a culture can be seen through its festivals; India is known to be the land of a myriad of colourful festivals. The LSESU India Society ensures that its members get to experience some of these wonderful and world-renowned festivals.  We also believe that there is a lot to learn from others - to put this into practice, we ensure that we have a number of collaborations with other societies to provide our members with new experiences and different perspectives.All in all, the society will provide you with an opportunity to meet a number of amazing people from around the globe and help you to form bonds that will last a lifetime. It is going to be an extremely fun, enriching and unforgettable experience to be a part of our family. We can assure you that you will enjoy every bit of the journey! Membership Purchasing our membership will give you access to year-long discounts to all our events. You will also get the benefit of securing early-bird tickets to our signature ones.In addition, we host a range of free events (such as a careers evening and games nights) open to members only for networking and socialising. Following a year of online events enforced by COVID-19, we are looking forward to hosting these in-person this year whilst keeping safety measures in mind. Events and Activities Over the course of the year, LSESU India society hosts a wide range of events. Although many of these are well-established, we are open to new ideas from our members. Below are events we have hosted in previous years: Diwali Dhamaka – LSE’s biggest Bollywood night of Michaelmas Term and a great way to celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali! Bollywood Crush – very popular Bollywood night organised during Lent Term. Masti – A series of Bollywood nights we organised in partnership with Basement Bollywood UK and Indian Societies from other London universities. Games night – several exciting games played, such as Twister and Housie, accompanied with iconic Indian street food and Chai. Movie nights – screening of famous Bollywood movies, chosen by our members, with pizza, snacks and drinks provided. Bollywood dance classes – free-to-attend classes led by experienced student choreographers. ‘Educate Her Empower Her’ and ‘Students for COVID-19 Relief in India’ – two of the campaigns we raised money for last year to give back to the community and support underprivileged people in India. Open mic night – showcasing the talents of our members through singing, acting, dancing or anything else! Careers evening – application support and guidance provided by people who have gone through the process before for spring weeks, summer analyst positions and postgrad internships.