Handball Club

Imperial College London (ICL)




ICU Handball Club is London's greatest university handball team, we cater for all skill levels whether you're an experienced or new player to the sport. Join ICU men’s or women’s team today! We hope to bring competitive play in the sport of Handball to both new comers and for more experienced players. Handball is a very fast sport played on a 40m by 20m indoor court, with the winning team being the one who scores the most goals. As the name suggests it is played with your hands with two teams of seven, including a goalkeeper for each team. The sport demands stamina, skill and teamwork. It is easy to pick up and builds on many skills that can be transferred from other sports. This year we will continue to compete in BUCS and the National University Championships and hope to win! We participate in tournaments both in England and the rest of Europe including the Challange Centrale Lyon and Lille. The club also has a strong social side and with regular events and socials throughout the year there is something for everyone. So if you're looking for a challenging and rewarding new sport or wish to continue playing Handball whilst in the UK, we cater for all abilities and are the perfect Club for you. And if you're a looking for further development of your handball skills we will gladly put you in contact with local non-university teams. Join the Eagles family!