Imperial College London (ICL)




Guitar Society is the place for guitar players of all levels to come together to jam, perform and have a great time by sharing their love for music.Whether you play acoustic or electric guitar, whether you're orientated towards fast-paced flamenco or rock 'n' roll rich with sick riffs, or even if you play the banjo, Guitar Society is a club where you can come meet new people, jam and have fun.Throughout the year we host weekly peer-to-peer lessons, in which you can learn from others as well as teach. We also host jam sessions and socials to meet your fellow guitarist. Furthermore we organise Open Mic nights in the union where GuitarSoc members have the priority of performing first, live in front of an audience. In summary, we just have a great time by sharing our love for music with other people.So if you're thinking of starting guitar then GuitarSoc is a great place to learn and if you're already quite good then come along and jam with us! With membership at only £5 you can't possibly go wrong!