Graphic Novels and Comics Society

University College London (UCL)




Join us and dive into the exciting world of graphic novels and comics! Every month, we have a selection of workshops, discussion groups, and open socials for you to join in and take part in whatever interests you! If you've always wanted to talk about how Spiderman is actually a socialist allegory, or how hard it is to draw hands, or why your plots always get so out of control, this is the place for you! This year, we're aiming to have more in-person activities, starting with our Welcome 2021 Comic Book and Manga Store Crawl! But we're keeping up the online portion of our society as well - that means online resource packs and the option to participate in our weekly challenges purely on Discord. You'll also get to participate in our annual Zine project, and have your work published! This year, we're aiming to have the Zine professionally printed - and all paying members get a free copy!We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned, so make sure you keep an eye on us and join in. It’s a new year of learning how to draw hands, failing at following the Star Wars canon, trying to convince people to watch all of Naruto, and so many more things we convince ourselves to love!